Question: let me take the customer back to the days when he was trying to maximize the traffic to his blog, using key words and the like. How much traffic had he generated from that and how much income did it bring in? (Maybe 200 hits/ day with income of 5 dollars/ month, “around that.” Better than his Bitcoin mining.)

Customer irate: someone had actually called the county because they couldn’t push their huge luxury double-wide baby strollers past her honeysuckles, which grow onto the sidewalk a bit. People love my honeysuckles!

Customer was David’s friend Stephany. David had let a certain person smoke in his car, but Stephany would not have let that person, nor any person, smoke in her car. Stephany was surprised at David.

Customer wore faded St. Jude hospital t-shirt. (Advertisements for St. Jude hospital would appear when  attendant watched Youtube.) Customer interested in selling his “one of a kind” Victor Stanley park bench ends. Three gals: everything bagel with cream cheese and iced caramel latte with almond milk; cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and an iced caramel latte with almond; and a medium americano and sesame bagel with butter. On positive side, customer had ridden a bicycle 5 times this week; on negative side, kid in the apartment upstairs was taking running leaps and landing hard on the ceiling. Customer ordered small iced coffee with soy. Customer didn’t know story of Job.

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