Skelos and Jambe, crime fighting duo

Woke with the idea the word tambourine was related to the French word Jambe, which it wasn’t, according to my sources, when I looked it up… When I really thought of a leg I was thinking of the Greek word of it encountered in The Symposium. (One doesn’t encounter the Greek word for anatomical parts in Greek class in the same way one will encounter the French words for anatomical parts in a French class, it occurred to me.) Arm, I knew to be bras in French. Skelos, I think it was…. To think my right leg was Skelos and my right leg (my left leg) was jambeSkelos and Jambe — a crime fighting duo or comedy team. Skellos and Jambe — One thing was sure: that neither of my legs was a “leg.” (The word “Leg” itself is something proto-germanic. Apparently the Greeks called the side of a triangle a skelos, a “leg.”  To think of the imaginary line between my feet as the third leg in this usually isosceles triangle. Isosceles: “same legs.”)

Passage of The Symposium in which Aristophanes is describing original human beings, which had four legs… To think (I almost thought of and visualized it for a second) of knowledge as a kind of space, like outer space, in which knowledge-things like physics equations orbited around knowledge-things like Latin verb conjugations, or how to cook pasta, a galactic area of knowledge with physical values and forces… Can’t recall the other language in which I saw a word for leg today. (But who is the straight man in this hilarious comedy team? Sometimes the one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both, but always an hilarious pair.) Membrium inferium is lower leg in Latin, which perhaps I’d been thinking of.

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