Dog park on left, batting cage on right, no one present on the wide green cut grass outfield, no one present on the tan dirt widened tracks where the bases would be. There are no bases, a blemishless white in the carved dirt. Along the median there is first a yellow sign on a post of a pedestrian stick figure with no horizontal black lines, that are intended to stand for a road; there is second a pedestrian sign with two horizontal lines, that stand for the road, a “stick figure road.”

Question: how do the staggered lamp posts of the stretch of walk behind you contrast with the ordered or mainly ordered trees of the stretch that you just now approach? Question of the simplicity of the message of the street sign versus the complexities involved in its design and fabrication. “A great intelligence at the highest levels of society is needed to speak to those with least education and at the lowest levels of society.”

Former location of civil war fort. Its marker, Fort Barnard. “To guard the approaches”… Actually Barnard was the character himself who designed the layout of the defenses of Washington. “Always thought it strange”: that the capitals of the north and of the south were close, let alone so close. Water tank, power building, dog park; “that the water tank and power building were so close together is strange” (is not strange); area where police train dogs, community gardens, house that goes all out on christmas lights, not yet visible or thought of. House between the christmas light house and the firehouse is not yet seen or thought of. Believe Sebat had owned that house.

Although my perspiration has increased from having climbed the hill (“hill climb increase upon interior barometer registered”) (“effects of piston of interior self has appeared upon brow of exterior self”) I am not to notice it until some 100 yards yet, when I shall begin to feel cool. On warm days, often, at that same distance, of a hundred or two hundred yards past the peak of the hill, instead of feeling cool, and on that basis noticing my perspiration, I will feel an unrelieved heat, a layer of it, haunting and uncomfortable in my clothing, the heat that is the beginning of an embarrassing scent (but is, as yet, only a feeling of heat, of an impending embarrassment).


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