Were there wet beads on the grass? Yes, drops of moistures moistures I have written were visible on the grass spears.

Tesselated — do the nearer roof tops appear tesselated beneath the distant road of the hill from this point of view? From the late Latin, according to my source, “made of small square stones or tiles.”

There are really two ways, I was thinking: social networking or doing something undeniable. There is only one way, I then thought, after which a mix can arise.

Kicked piece of bark — idea that that sentence could in any way indicate, evoke, or stand for the action it purports to describe is so laughable. “I don’t accept the premise of all this.”

Kicking bark, recalled a stone. (Now that sentence I take slightly less issue with, why, because it contrasts an action, a physical act, with a memory, a mental act — a contrast words and art can make perhaps more real than experience can.)

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