Miming the movements of one’s own body

Being that will perform a mime or dance of the working of his own internal organs: starting with his heart, which he does with his hands. He begins by clasping his hands, pushing the palms together in a steady beat, then waving the arms, now all of him is moving…

Then he “mimes” his blood, which he does by wriggling all about. How does one imitate the movement of one’s own blood? thinks the mime. Then he closes his eyes and wriggles all about.

And now how does he try to resemble his own eyes? The mime doesn’t extend his arms and beat his outstretched hands together, to represent blinking, but instead crouches and makes himself as small as he can, to represent that kernel of an image seen deep and small within the mind.

His portrayal of the kidneys and liver is so graphic that many in the audience are moved to tears, but it is his portrayal of his brain that most gets people talking, a long interim of terrified shouts, self-pitying groans, and calm equations, which are the only sounds in his performance.

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