A day that is a large careful book

Looked up un nuit blanche, French for “a sleepless night.” Adduced arguments in defense of my use of paper towels: (a) “we choose our battles,” (b) I have had, for a long time, quite a low carbon footprint for a U.S. Citizen, (c) “nothing beats a good paper towel”; (d) your real sin with respect to the environment is water consumption. (True and the real problem, which is obfuscated by this towel). Looked up “degraded curiosity rovers wheels.”(Consider: They say “why don’t you get out there and show them” but then he gets out there and shows them that showing anyone wasn’t necessarily the best idea… So instead why don’t I “stay in here and do nothing”? Why don’t I “show” no one?)

Looked up 2 Peter 3:8, interesting: to God not only is a thousand years as a day but a day is as a thousand years — a thousand pages — Ulysses. A day that lasts a thousand years qua a day that is a large careful book.

INSIGHT, is an interesting word: seems to have started out meaning “mental vision”, the sight one has in the mind — imagination, I suppose — later came to mean the mind’s penetrating understanding of things exterior to it.

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