That Climate Change is like Hector / The origin of Thought and of Books

Idea that climate change is the anti-technology or its representative, ying-zig to technology’s yang-zag, and that whatever efficiencies Technology creates today, the Anti-Technology will undue over time…. We don’t realize it’s Technology telling us this, but there is no greater evil, according to New Technology, than Old Technology.

(Counterpoint: Climate change is an anti-technology like Hector is anti-hero, destined to fail against the divine Achilles of Human Know-How, which is to have its own, more unexpected source of demise.)

Idea that origin of thinking lies in our realization of having made a false equivalence… Equivalence is somehow not thought about and seems, if not a state of nature, then something we’d naturally expect… while realizing we’ve falsely equated something to another causes us to step back in thought and ask what the real relationship may be.

Just as we assume fairness, and perceptions of unfairness are the origin of violence and war, so we assume equivalence, and misperceptions of equivalence are the source of thought and books?

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