The word Category

Now I’m thinking of categories, specifically an alternate spelling of it with two ‘ts’. Categories such as “Infrastructure and Cracks”, “Pedestrians and Drivers”, “Buildings and Signage”, “Wild life and Trash.” “My Thoughts and My Feelings”…. With the aid of such categories — an extraordinary mental technology, it is to be admitted — I might easily get to the bottom of this experience of walking and of this time of life!

The word Category from Greek to accuse I think (why?) Heidegger somewhere discusses this (being & time), you look at the Greek word(kata — agora) and wonder if it could almost mean “according to group.” It is the Agora or even the Polis of a kind of thing. Pedestrians in this town, cracks in that city. Bushes live in this city, squirrels gather in that agora.  A box, you accuse two things of being like and put them in a box, a penalty box.

That is not a tree but a sign, that is not a car but a post, and this lamppost here is more like the one down the street, which they only just put in place, than it is like the tree that is growing up right beside it and has been doing so for years. Though this tree and that post have been neighbors (“dwelling near”) so long, they are not in the same category.

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