We already have that

Mischievous attendant, seeking to be provocative with regular customers, asked one of his “challenging questions” and received an answer he didn’t expect.

Provocative question was, why not ethnic nationalism? White people went to white churches and black people went to black ones, it was obvious people preferred their own kind, so why not have nations like that too, with black countries for black folks and Latin countries for Latin folks and so on — why not? what was the argument?

The attendant, that would-be provocateur, had a number of arguments against it, but right out of the gate one of the customers responded with a sort of obvious one he hadn’t thought of, which was — we already have that.

We already have that, the customer said. We have the black country, which is Africa, and the white country, which is Europe, and the yellow country (or whatever) which is Asia, and the Latin one, etc. and the best place of them all is this country right here, where it isn’t one race or the other, but is racially diverse.

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