128 cars passed, 18 from behind, most along the “diaphysis”, worn down worn away “diaphysis”, ten minutes, two mailboxes. Spiritual journey or opposite. (opposite.) Musical score or reverse (reverse). Three times, 2 times, 52 times, fifteen plus or minus minutes, couple cars, astonishingly regular box trucks. Healthiest president ever (who else would pardon Mohammad Ali?) Same general times of day; seasons amok intershuffled collided; April-August; Warm or December; November or oddly temperate July;  rotating kernel of his or her thought. “Inerrant brain click track” “darning the digital sock”: where it ripped are old warped loud trucks, flowering colored or black flocks, and The Atlantean Zoo of Disappointment; bringing hands and fingers to my face, can you smell, from yesterday, the nursing home? (imagine it?) In her own head’s internet the circling Mu, can she ever be “so small”

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