The foamy armrest crack

What has happened? I’ve realized suddenly that three or four of the fingers of my left hand have been inserted into the foamy crack in the old busted open armrest of my office chair. That I’ve been digging my fingers into that foamy crack.

It’s temperature? — what is the temperature of the interior of the crack? (Very cool.) You have looked at the crack? (Yes, I’ve looked.) If you turn the armrest away from me (it is on a swivel) its shape is that of a “left human foot.” If you turn it back toward me, it is, I suppose, more like a comma or apostrophe. As for the contours of the crack, these roughly describe the west coast of South America, the “east coast” analogous to the interior of the ‘comma.’

Is there a crack on the other arm rest? Yes. It makes the armrest look like the bottom of a hoof. So you got one South America within a left foot and one hoof of undetermined handedness, within a comma. What had you been doing previous to the discovery of your fingers in the crack? (Well you’d better get back to it in any case.)

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