Q: why did women live longer than us? (a) they nagging us (b) they take better care of themselves than we do: particular with what they eat, go to checkups (c) it’s biological, they are built tougher, they do child birth.

My bagel? said customer. (Had had to go down to get one so it was taking longer than usual — sorry.) My mocha? said customer (well, I’d forgotten, but there were mitigating circumstances, and I would have soon remembered.) My cookie? said customer. Yes, sorry, yes, no excuse for that one — I forgot your cookie and I’m sorry.

Customer had been enjoying reading Plato but wanted to try something different, what would attendant recommend? Beyond Good and Evil.

Customer had finally finished arranging her new house but didn’t know if a grad student who worked for the Salvation Army was making enough to be a reliable tenant of her rental. Customer, by a freak chance, had found an old showerhead while cleaning out a closet the very week that her current showerhead began to malfunction.

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