Customer story: his Thanksgiving Day dinner at Cracker Barrel. Customer comment: every time I see a construction site, I can’t believe I’m not still at it. Customer destination: brother and sister off to try out dad’s new pizza convection oven. Customer’s arms’ position: seemed to indicate he was thinking and not reading. Customer cleared throat, customer expressed that she couldn’t eat bread, customer expressed that he thought he was a decent cook, making two dishes from his country very well. Customer’s movie recommendation: Paris Blues. Reason customer gave for apologetically asking attendant to hurry up with the sandwich: she’d “really mismanaged her time today.”

Customer: there were only a few ships that went back and forth from Hawaii in those days, and he not only knew them, but knew and enjoyed all the stock footage of them in movies from that period, and that’s why he would be leaving here early and watching the not very good movie on Turner Classic Movies at 3.00 PM today. To see the stock footage of one of those ships.

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