Drivers: white, middle-aged, driving one-handed, putting chip or fry-sized wafer in his mouth from the right. White, twenties, baseball cap, driving one hand, male, scratching left cheek with first two fingers of left hand. White guy reaching over right shoulder for seat belt — must have only just gotten on road. White sun-glassed Gal making turn out of parking lot, hands at 10 and 2. Middle Eastern middle-aged “mini-vanned” man: you couldn’t see where his hands were positioned, but by the way his chin was set against his throat, you felt they must be at seven and five. Blond woman, sunglasses, leaning forward and looking up as if to check something far behind her in the rear-view. Repair man in a cap: fully turning head left, then right, then quickly again left, before driving the van to the right.

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