Canadian History for Dummies

Satanic Verses going to Goodwill (same location I got it from — like a library book), Herodotus going to Goodwill (hard to imagine I’ll read Herodotus again), hardbound modern library edition of Plutarch is the same size and color as the hard cover modern library edition of Moby Dick, so those two will go together somewhere, though they are hard to see against the shelves’ unpainted wood. Perhaps in the wood shelf painted white they’ll be seen together. Canadian History For Dummies can go. A Derrida Reader can go. Scores to Beehtoven’s 8th and 9th can go but I am keeping Don Giovanni: an impressive wide soft blue object I’m unlikely to reopen. John Updike’s poems, Freud can go. A Strange Commonplace, which I love and made a study of, and is slim, I shall keep in the white painted bookshelf. Another copy of Herodotus: this one I’ll keep. But I can’t possibly make serious headway returning my books to the shelves until I find the boxes with my Loebs, whose green-ness, whose “greenery”, is intended to “tie the room together.” Found two red ones, but I’ve given up on Latin, but one of them is Horace, of whom I made a “study.” They will look good somewhere, two and red: “Twoness and redness.” Perhaps in between the hardbound modern library editions, and their “twoness and brownness.”

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