Relationship between god and experts

* By better understanding god I would myself become more perfect and god-like.

* Understanding god required reason. God was not a man with a beard. God was neither Zeus nor Jawhweh but most akin to what we called Nature. A walk in the woods, a supernova, revealed god. God is reality or “what is.”

* Science knew what “Is” was, we didn’t. Science did not know all of what was, but did *know* while we, as individuals, simply guessed.

*Science was a kind of collective thing, a body of knowledge that comprised the work of many individuals, adhering to the same rules.

*Individuals’ guesses could exceed or fall short of the predictions of science, but as a rule fell short, and over time, fell very short. One could not send a ship to the moon or to Mars on the basis of even a very intuitive person’s guesses. (Though it was true a very intuitive person might also not establish space travel as an ambition, or might consider it a negative distraction.)

* so many are thankful for the advances of science and in particular medical science. They owe their lives to science.

* Those who knew science were called Experts. The role of the individual, who was not an expert, and who could not know any of these things himself, even if they were an expert, was to select among experts and try to follow their advice.

* Experts had a better sense of a certain aspect of god, you could say.

* This is what reason told one to do — follow the advice of experts — but for some reason one wasn’t doing it.

* These were the things thought on ones run.

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