Customer liked walking before coming rainstorms. Customer needed measurements of the store: wanted to contrast it with megaron of Odysseus’ house. (Could you envision the last books of the Odyssey as occurring here? The slaughter of the suitors?)

Customer said his hair hadn’t been this long since 1984 and in fact his feathery bangs evoked the period.

Pardon, attendant said: did you just ask me not to glom it on or not to glob it on? —Glob it on. I’m from New York where they always glob it on. You’re on the subway and the butter is bleeding through the bag.

You know, attendant said, I’ve known a few customers over the years to try discrimination lawsuits and it absolutely never comes off, that I ever hear about. — Which is exactly what happened with my first law suit, said customer. Would you believe they appointed a lying black judge to dismiss my case?

Customer said he was glad attendant had forgotten the soup — he had already had enough to eat and would just have it the next time he came in.

Customer’s eyes were full of suffering as he placed his order. Then, not an hour later, seeing him handcuffed and put in a squad car.

The way certain people put money in the tips receptacle which indicates they’ve worked in hospitality themselves: a manner of concealing the usually overly large amount they put in, thrusting in the whole hand.

The curve of the customer’s heel corresponded with that of his elbow, and the line where his rear met the seat mirrored that where his shirt met his pants.

Customer rotated his still wrapped brownie on the counter as he spoke– one edge per half independent clause spoken, I approximated.

Customer said she was involved in the Chamber of Commerce in a neighboring region and was impressed by the quality of the community around here — dogs and families, people out for walks in the evening.

Customer: they do room inspections at my retirement facility to make sure your place is clean — oh boy — and I had mine today — woe boy — and they didn’t like what they found (heh heh heh) — to say the least

Customer planned on taking his MRI with him to the podiatrist. Otherwise, the podiatrist would just tell him he couldn’t tell him much without an MRI — then charge him fifty dollars.

Customer, who had made the remark that his hair had not been this long since 1984, when he repeated the remark, said it had not been this long since 1983.

Customer accidentally left shawl. Customer did not break, but may have sprained, ankle. Customer was a young man from Serbia driving his cousin to Rock Creek Park.

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