SYNOPSIS of Novel “THE BEINGS”: Hans is the man who has the power to stop History through the power of Haiku; Assuss is the man who likes History and tries to stop him. (Okay, says the character or person who isn’t so sure what he thinks of the foreign-sounding Haiku, history so far has been kind of bad in certain respects, but heh, can you imagine life without it? )

THE BEINGS are a bunch of weirdos, AKA AMERICANS, who overthink everything and misunderstand everything. Some time educated and other times not their heads are turned now by Assuss and now by Hans but unintentionally frustrate the ambitions of both, and have screwy ideas — and are themselves the representatives of the unstoppable trend of history.

In this novel, THE BEINGS, the ultimate aim of ALL HISTORY will be made clear. [From, THE AUTHORS of THE BEINGS]

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