Astronaut Kate’s floating blond hair tassels back and forth. (Just came back from watching a live performance of Parliament, Cosmic Slop from 1976. Song about woman prostituting herself to provide for her family. Gary Shider I think is the name of the man in the diaper. George Clinton I think coming out toward the end, energetically, perhaps a little too energetically, clapping in time. “Powerful performance,” is thought.)

Astronaut Kate Rubins has pressurized the hatch. Mission control has already gotten together for a celebratory group photo. (I think it is their sounds that one has been hearing throughout the broadcast, shuffling and chatting, a background noise behind the two lady commenters, public relations types sitting behind a news-style desk, one from NASA one from SPACEX, — the laughter, the muttering, the echoic chair and paper shifting of Mission Control.) mission control a kind of interesting phrase with its two nouns

First four crew mission. Think announcer just said they were over Idaho but I was at the time writing this sentence and wondered if what I thought I had heard could be right: that is, had been writing this sentence which now follows the event that formerly it preceded and was disrupted by: that I was checking the weather for tomorrow: windier, colder, but not bad, “don’t imagine I’ll need any special dress for my walk,” is thought. (Looking at a view of the docked Dragon, solar panels glaring, crew getting dressed, crew checking pressure locks.)

UP NEXT: HATCH OPENING (written beneath camera view of the hatch). (also, I’m cooking now — mixed frozen vegetables with fresh but precut prewashed Kale and tofu cubes. Soft deep wafting smell of the cooking rice.)

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