Looked up how many in U.S had a disability (1-in-4 said CDC, which was hard to square with personal experience, I suppose my baseline idea of what disabled means being — requiring special accommodation). Looked up excrementitious, though mainly just to see if anyone beside Whitman had used it (To One Shortly to Die.) And want to read those closing “leaves” more closely. “Play outside a play,” seems to be what I have written here, as if “I had my back to Shakespeare but think I’m facing the front […?]” What I perhaps meant was: I am pretending, as if I were in a play, but it is real — this is my real life. Looked up optates while listening to Chet Baker. Looked up sjw at 6:52 PM and came somewhere across an actual picture or link to a picture of not a white-tailed ptarmigan per se but a ptarmigan. “Feeding on heather bells and alpine buckwheat” was what the white-tailed ptarmigan of the poem did.

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