Customer Mark with his daughter. Customer Mark with his son. Customer had graduated from good state school a couple years ago, but was not named Mark. Had had to work very hard there, had said the person not named Mark.

Customer: dealing with Azerbaijan Society.

Customer: a nurse, working right up to the moment of giving birth to maximize leave afterwards.

Customer: thought the movie The Ten Commandments was a more profound commentary on the character of Moses than the so-called Books of Moses. (“What does the movie say about why Moses died before reaching the promised land?” “I’m not sure. It doesn’t say.”)

Attendant, not having read it in a bit, said he thought The Metamorphosis was about alienation. Gregor Samsa is trying to show affection, understanding for his family, but he comes off as grotesque, inhuman. Alienation was that divide between what you think you are (an imperfect but well-meaning person) and what you’re taken to be (the repulsive member of some other class or tribe).

Customer was child when Attendant first met her, now in twenties.

Customer didn’t know if there was a constitutional basis for Congress’ subpoena power. Why didn’t the judiciary or Executive have subpoena power?

Customer not cooking at home now because the kitchen fan broke. Customer first moved to the area from Pennsylvania — “the month before Kennedy was killed.” Customer wearing attendant’s favorite shirt of hers: white giraffes, inverted and not, on an emerald green background.

All the customers, except for one, left abruptly en masse, so that all that remained of the formerly full store was the sound of  one guy shifting in his seat.

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