Customer, in the act of handing his credit card to the attendant, paused to check his wristwatch on the same hand.

New Orleans really was The Big Easy, in so many ways, said the customer, while this area really was The Big Worry, in so many ways.

Customer hated to complain but his iced coffee was full of grains (holding it up)

Customer, vocally encouraging the three worms his digging had exposed to burrow further in the soil, and thus enrich it, watched as a Robin landed and snatched them off.

Attendant expressed that, after learning Ives was an organist, he had begun to hear his two quartets as organ pieces. Customer said he knew of, but hadn’t listened to, those quartets.

A member of the customer’s family was murdered, was why she was against the death penalty. Customer going to vacation in Michigan. Customer’s family initially from Russia — had just gotten back from there and from Greece. Born Jewish, he had converted to Catholicism.

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