Kintsugi of pavement and wind

Kintsugi of pavement: fill in these cracks with silver and gold (or just with leaves, sticks, dirt) –or a colored sand like you find in fish bowls? Kintsugi of wind: wind self-filling its own cracks with whatever it can put on and plaster itself with, sucking it up from the ground into its empty spaces. Among the disadvantages of permeable paving: ground beneath it can get waterlogged and now your paved surface is itself water covered. Still there are ample places where we could take more advantages of this, so many non-essential routes and walks we could start with. How do I properly evaluate the end of the period behind me so that I approach the one to come with some hope of advancement or positive change? Why did I not mind, why did I even enjoy, using a word a person might need to look up? Schematic from the other day: how much energy your average African used. Person from Ghana this much, person from Ethiopian, Egypt this much, and a single U.S. refrigerator using more per day than any of them. (You didn’t check source of the chart, however.)

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