Audible to an inaudible ‘hi’

Audible to an inaudible ‘hi’: I have managed to reciprocate the passing man’s ‘hi’ but it was mouthed and not audible. Still it might well have been audible and I am not sure of the cause of the failure — of why the sound did not quite “mount.”

Exhaust from a tailpipe briefly taking on human form. A woman in sheets on the road.

Clothing stretching artfully across that woman as she performs a task, like a person wrapping something.

Woman darts suspicious glance at my notepad at my notepad at my notepad as she passes, which of course she wouldn’t if it were a computer.

Same price at the Shell and BP for the first time I’ve ever seen — 4.33 (regular).

Blue recycling bin on the street having received a nice polish from the rain. It’s thought that for, many years now, this is the closest I’ve come to “being out in nature” — being out in the rain. Nature where the recycling bins are a resplendent blue.

Perfume still crowded in the bus shelter of the woman who just ran after the bus.

Curiously, Poor Drainage Area 2 is much more poorly drained than Poor Drainages areas 1 and 3 today. Step into the road around it.

Initially a mere assessment or observation which, as it nears articulation, builds into swagger — “much prefer it in my cap and poncho than in that mercedez” — then, fully articulated, but unexpressed, realize how it sounds.

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