Is there an analogue to the rule of law in culture?

The idea that Graphic Novels represent a sort of culture of populism. (It would be interesting: if art for leftists had become what politics is for rightists, which is to say, populist.)

Q: populism in government has a negative connotation as it implies that the will of the people supersedes the rule of law. Is there an analogue to the rule of law in culture? Or is culture free to be whatever it wants to be? (Perhaps the French Academy offers a vision of a sort of cultural rule of law. Perhaps a vision of a populist cultural rule of law is Disney. Corporate culture generally indicates the will of the people, but a sclerotic form of it.)

Idea that past, present and future, are to be understood as rates, as speeds. The future is light speed and a limiting velocity — in the process of slowing in the present — moving more and more slowly in the past, — where there exists, somewhere, a full stop. (Can we find, in our written histories, evidence of a Red Shift?)

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