How there can be an infinite distance between you and your legs when you’re only four feet tall

This is a good day to scrupulously observe traffic safety protocols, “so I’ll not cut here across the four lanes though the four lanes are practically empty.” The four lanes and a median, a comedy troupe name. People out of work, people out of church, people out of a meal, people out of a shopping, people out of a deliveries. People are volunteering. Many people, rather than having “abstruse thoughts of self” are serving others on this day. People are serving people, people are volunteering.

Jaywalking. One needs power to change the law, one doesn’t need, for example, writing ability to change the law. (Though it needs also writing ability, if the law is written.) But maybe the law has short-circuited in places, and so you need to go carefully through it, uncrossing and reorganizing this endless corpus or nekros of text.

Legs sore. How did my legs get so sore, how did the thought of their soreness even arise, there being an infinite distance between me and my legs, so it mainly seems. People say, how can there be an infinite distance between you and your legs when you’re only four feet tall, or whatever it is, so the distance would be something less than four feet I would think, they say. The distance certainly wouldn’t be infinite. To which I respond, you people don’t know what it is to be inside a body, let alone what is to be inside of this body, where there are many disturbances, distractions, dimensions, loops, coils, strands, winding paths… There is at least one such infinite distance with in me, I aver, though it’s true it may, at times, be instantaneously bridged

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