The shoe switcheroo

The Shoe Switcheroo — the name of a simple trick I’ve developed for whenever it feels like there is only a thin filament of nerve within your knee holding the bottom part of your leg to the top part, a sensation which is often accompanied by the idea that your next step may be your last.

It is, as aforesaid, quite a simple remedy called “the old shoe switcheroo” which entails putting ones left shoe on the right foot and one’s right shoe on the left foot. Uncomfortable for your feet no doubt, and ridiculous looking, at least from above, but it makes that feeling in your leg — like thigh and calf are perilously held together by a thin thread — go away.

The advanced technique of the shoe switcheroo is also called — getting some new shoes. (We actually recommend that students skip the basic switcheroo and go directly to our advanced technique.)

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