What to do with my writing: don’t throw away the shoe boxes in the closet.

First thing to know is that absolutely nothing needs to be done with this writing — Of preservation, of publication, of erasure, nothing. This writing has “served its purpose.”

Second thing, if there is something to not throw out it is my logs of life at the coffee shop, which potentially have a micro-historical value. These are mainly raw and unedited on paper (in shoebox in closet), some online and crafted (Chance Sweepings), and some in an in-between state online but not publicly available (the blog called “small papers.”)

As for the rest, it is too big a mess to easily communicate a sense of. My basic writing procedure was (i) write on paper (ii) type it into a non-publicly available blog (iii) program that post to reappear sometime in the future, when I would edit it with fresh eyes; repeat that process until (iv) I gave up on it or decided it was basically alright and posted it on a publicly available blog. (And if I was really on top of things, save it to a zip disk, of which there are two lying around.)

So the publicly available material is the most finished, the hand-written least so, and the rest in between. Bottom line: you should feel free, or even obligated, to throw out all the writing you find on paper — excepting the notebooks in the shoeboxes in the closet marked “Chance.”

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