There is a hole there

Mom is by the one car with the child in her arms and a child is beside her standing and a bentover grandmother-mother-in-law stands beside that child, and mom has told the husband and father that the keys are in her bag and the father-husband has replied to her that he for some reason put her bag in the other car, which car he opens and retrieves the bag from

and now as the woman receives the bag, her face flushed from the heat and from the family event she’s trying to manage, she says something which I can’t recall, and the man is laughing (and I realize something has happened to the man) and he says “there is a hole there” — his foot has landed in an unseen hole of the grassy median by the car they now have the keys to. He has already taken his foot from the hole and there was no injury or anything else, that was it. That was the story..

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