Customer ordered large iced americano with extra ice and large iced latte. Customer ordered medium caramel latte with soy and extra shot. (Was taking advantage of her daughter being at camp to clean out her room. Found sandwich.) How much space did you need to grow mushrooms? (Not MUSH ROOM) Customer not getting joke then suddenly getting it and going ballistic with laughter (then going on about his drinking binges, his magic mushroom trips, his escapades with nudists…) Customer not getting, then getting, the joke (and laughing modestly). Customer asked which Rolling Stones song it was that mentioned Needles, CA. Customer was thrilled to hear another customer had gotten a job finally. So was another customer, and another — It was so great. Attendant also expressed his congratulations, we’d all been part of this struggle. Customer himself expressed relief, satisfaction, “I mean — finally.”

Customer’s daughter already in school: wants to make devices with physical therapy applications. Person thinking of self as “dude,” called “babe”; person thinking of self as “woman,” called “this gentleman.” Customer said “you can’t talk to nobody about their addiction: they have to hit their bottom first.” (Customer had sensed the presence of addiction in the odd sleep and activity patterns of a friend.) Local artist needed photographs of her work put from cd-rom onto her hardrive and from there onto an online application for an art show. Customer couple ordered two everything bagels with veggie cream cheese, a medium latte, and double macchiato. Early sunday morning, no customers, attendant read in Luke of the sinning woman who had wetted the feet of Jesus with her tears and washed his feet with her hair. “Those who have sinned much have loved much.” (Attendant, walking home, had recalled Lou Reed’s introduction to the song “Sunday Morning” on the Velvet Underground record Live at Max’s Kansas City and wanted to hear that song “Sunday Morning” again.)

Attendant at certain point realized he was having a good day yet didn’t want to jinx or otherwise alter it by making any sort of statement about it having been good: but his feet felt good, always the first thing; then business was steady, not too much or too little; then, of the customers he knew well, they were being well behaved, respectful of each other; then, of the customers he didn’t know at all, they seemed to tolerate or appreciate the eccentricities of the known ones. I worked harder and longer than usual and yet it seemed like an especially light burden.

Customer failed important technical exam at work. Customer said never buy a house with dormers. Customer asked what the name of this neighborhood was, then people abruptly stopped coming in.

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