Difference between ‘catching’ and ‘being handed to.’

The smallest moment I can currently remember: a wednesday, a thursday morning, man who orders a cappaccino with an extra shot (these days a father of two). This person let’s go of his credit card microseconds before I have held onto it myself, so that instead of ‘handing’ it to me he has ‘dropped’ it in my hand, dropped it ‘micro-inches’ — such that I’m led to ponder momentarily, what is the difference between ‘catching’ and ‘being handed to.’

Then the incident in which a customer’s tattoos were in Ancient Greek or a facsimile — “I apologize — but could I take a closer look at your forearms there.” Three statements: two on the underside beneath each elbow, the other on the underside of his right wrist. “Don’t fear death.” was the one I read most clearly (beneath right elbow.)

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