Customer’s story about acrobatic feat

African immigrant customer: they call me an uncle tom because I say stop complaining. I say, if you understand the country I came from, you know that America is a paradise and you have opportunity here. There are people who hate me for whatever reason, and they have the power and I don’t, so what can I do? But I have to worry about what I have power to do, and there are things I can do in this country. Yes, cops stop me in my own neighborhood and ask me if I live here. Yes, there are terrible cops: there are good cops, bad cops, and terrible cops, and I tell my kids, say yes sir and no sir. But I have been all over the world and the thing to know, whoever you are, is that you have an opportunity here.

Customer’s story about mortgage broker: this guy was a white guy and wasn’t giving her a good rate based on her credit history, and she thought there was sexism involved, so she went to this discount broker, an Indian guy a friend knew, who was like yeah with that credit rating we can definitely give you a better rate, and the customer’s realtor, who’d recommended the first broker, said well you should really go back to my broker and see if he’ll match what the other guy gave you, and she did, and he did, but he did it in a way she found fake, and she really did think he was sexist, so she went with the Indian guy and she got this great rate.

Customer’s story about acrobatic feat: She was so tired from that afternoon’s bike ride (this was many years ago) that in the middle of the night, in pitch black darkness, instead of going to the left where the bathroom was (which word she merely mouthed, she is so modest) she turned to the right, where the stairs were, and tumbled down them. That sounds really dangerous, of course, but in the midst of her chaotic tumbling and falling, she suddenly started laughing and did a somersault, and when she landed she was fine and still laughing at how absurd it all was. No injury.

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