Why was music important to Greil Marcus?

Woke with the question, why did Greil Marcus think music was so important? (Marcus actually answers this himself Lipstick Traces, pp.140). Looked up charivari and its pronunciation. Read articles on how to distinguish fake wheat from real whole wheat products. Looked up Nazi in Wikipedia to re-establish a point I’ve been making with people, that the Nazi inclusion of “socialism” in their name was mere window-dressing to appeal to workers, and did not indicate real belief in socialist principles (which I believe I got from Richard Evans); however, the wiki page seems to assert that they did believe in socialist principles for non-Jewish Germans — so now I don’t know. (Hitler was against Unions and redistribution of property, I tell people. “Hardly a socialist.”) Article in Times about a fossil graveyard in Nevada; why were there so many ichthyosaur fossils in the same place? (Seems to have been a sort of ichthyosaur spawning ground.)

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