Y-shaped crack

Intersection: man training dog with treat.
Crack: from triangle apex to triangle base, a scrawled shaky line.
Crack: what should be a V-shaped crack is technically a Y-shaped crack because of a very small scrawl from the tip.
Twig: uncommonly parallel to sidewalk’s grooves.
Thought: “that twig is so uncommonly parallel to the sidewalk’s grooves someone may have placed it that way.”
Counter-thought: “no, twigs have to fall some-wise. Nature’s not so averse to the appearance of what humans may consider parallelism or perfection that it absolutely avoids that sort of orientation.”
Recalled: dark muck on the rocks beside the water; grey trunks of large dead trees in the water, which you will see plentifully of along the Potomac.
Noticed: looks like new jumper cables, coiled in grass.
Recall: a girlfriend long ago telling me how much she hated her parents — and I’d blown that off at the time as her being dramatic or hyperbolic, but now I think, no, she probably really did hate her parents, and I had never quite seen that about her.
Counter-thought: yet people can be poor advocates and witnesses of themselves and their parents.
Pedestrian: looks like Faulkner in his 50’s but taller and with sadder expression.

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