Colossal Coastal California

LGTBQ gal from Alexandria moving to Silversrping to live with her partner, also cheaper and nearer work, she reports. Finally had gotten her bike rack on her bike; it had taken a long time. Customer had been to Wise Guys pizza. Overall, really enjoyed the experience. Would say the pizza was fair: it was a thin crust. He had best liked the atmosphere, which evoked Manhattan, the outstanding Frank Sinatra music. But he had had a very fine day sitting there overall watching the people coming and enjoying themselves. Really quite interesting. Customer: only liked movies with explosions. Working Girl from pretty far back.

Customer was police woman and her police woman partner. Had a call in the area and thought to stop in. (I marveled at the quantity of objects and tools on their belts and elsewhere on their uniform.)

Customer thought that “arrested development cases” — grown but not adult -– had failed to accept their mortality, had not accepted death, but I proposed that it was their birth they had not accepted and that acknowledgment of mortality could potentially follow quickly after that.

This idea wondered about, which was more to be feared — that we could “die” at any moment, at any moment finding ourselves in the water-filling trap, or that we will live a hideously long time, sitting there able to do nothing but swallow?

Attendant’s weird idea for a movie: what if there were what were once called negro spirituals about Plato and Plato’s forms?

Customer pronounced Maryland Muralund. First mother’s day without his mother.

The “wild” customer who did handyman work for the old lady living alone. Making me see that person as like the one my grandmother had relied on, whom she would keep some beers in the fridge for, and lunch things. Relied on him.

Confidentially, said customer, why had customer been banned? (Abusive to boss.)

When I forgot the couple’s croissant I asked myself why that happened, and I told myself (barring writing things down or what have you) the rule should be that you always get the quickest things (a cookie, a bottled drink) done first because as you make the items that take more time (an espresso drink, a sandwich) you become more likely to forget the other things. Very thing happened later with the Alabama-Tennessee couple who’d ordered the lemonades with their sandwiches. I was like “bye” when I handed them their sandwiches and they were like “no, the lemonades.”

We are encompassed by those energy cubes that in Dune are meant to defend people from attack, cubes which make the world seem against us but are comprised of our own desire to live. — And the gal I saw outside by the bus stop, for whatever reason, seemed to exist outside of that, — “natural”, is how I think of it now. That young gal from California the other day too — in fact all of collosal coastal California — seemed without “it.” (But I would myself never be without it.)

Collapsed but concentrated pose of figure reading from something in his lap: arm of the hand holding the drink and elbow of the arm holding the phone seeming to compose a triangle with the head; the whole structure sagging toward the reading material in lap.  (Structure rendered unsound by this degree of thoughtful concentration in the head. This slump)

Trying to understand what has happened to my sandwich: the top is now too dark, while the bottom is inexplicably almost moist. The bottom is certainly not at all hot. (How long had I been making this sandwich?)

Customer was not himself a numismatist but did work closely with a numismatist.

Customer on family vacation to Mexico. Customer asked a buddy to help him carry a special chunk of limestone he’d found weighing 125 lbs. but the buddy was so strong he just lifted it on top of his shoulder.

It made no sense, the customer said, that she had only foreign currency, but tomorrow — TOMORROW it would make sense.

Best habit the customer’d ever had — keeping a diary, everyday for some twenty years– “stocks, sport’s scores, books, medical.”

Customer in search of Turkey Hill “decadent delights” — with magazine cutout and hot on the trail — “Just look at these things.”

Plan for the morning — read in the rose garden [of the apartment complex.]

Customer hoped he wasn’t “talking out of school” but saw in the upsurge of LGBTQ communities an indication we were at the cusp of evolutionary change. (Maybe: we were changing nature and nature was changing us.)

Customer had been struck by car while jaywalking. “Why did you hit me?” he asked driver. “I didn’t see you,” driver replied. (Not seriously hurt, a sore knee, said girlfriend.)

Customer working part-time at ABC store. (Was it busy?) Yeah it was busy (what were people buying?) Stuff for spritzers. (What were spritzers?) Champaign-y mixed drinks that were refreshing on hot days.

Handle of dry mop became detached from the head of the dry mop. On vacuuming, I discovered and held to the light, like some miraculous object, the screw that had held them together.

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