Justin Amash

Holder of Masters degree made regularly to lift heavy boxes at work. Friends tell her she should say no. Feels like she’s paid her dues and shouldn’t have to: been waiting tables or whatever since fifteen. At one point, managed receiving dock (but she called it something else) at a Barnes & Noble.

Attendant, reflecting on day, realized he hadn’t seen the Salvadorian car painter in a few months.

Attendant “really upset” by his personal defects in the morning — stupid passive creep — then worked a lot for twelve hours, and it no longer mattered. (He had “earned being the way he was,” he drunkenly diagnosed.)Attendant “felt pang of despair”: what he had just cleaned is suddenly littered afresh; is “total chaos”: uncapped jugs, opened bags, multiple spills, infinite crumbs…. Attendant “felt despair”: that person who always orders the least convenient thing at the least convenient time and never shows any appreciation or leaves a tip yet is obviously a kind and even uniquely admirable person has just walked in….. Despair, he calls it: “I need a second to a regroup, I’ve needed one for an hour or two, now another customer walks in. That chime!”Customer’s nominee for President would be Justin Amash. Customer confided she’d gotten “encasements” on her bed.

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