Customer from Surprise, AZ, customer from Success, AR. Customer gave beggar with speech impediment ten dollars. Customer, by way of explaining his sudden use of a knitted mask, said his wife insisted on it, asked if he could take a chair out front.

The theory of recollection was a little startling, it occurred to me, because we often think of learning as a kind of discovery. We discover a new continent, we discover a law of gasses or of gravitation — we don’t recall or remember these things. (The Meno demonstrates the slave already knew the Pythagorean theorem and merely had to recall it — does it demonstrate that Pythagoras himself did?)

Customer didn’t like shows like Tiger King — as a member of law enforcement he dealt with “white trash” everyday and it wasn’t new or interesting to him. Customer ordered cold turkey sandwich, small americano, a scone. Customers, ignoring social distancing protocols, collaborated to fit a basket on the back of a bicycle. Pedestrian accosted customer for not wearing a mask outside, don’t you even care about yourself? — “masks don’t do no good,” he replied. (He went in depth into the kind of masks you would use when working with serious chemicals and the tests they would do to ensure the masks were securely on — test them with smoke — “and those things they knit at home aren’t that.”) Customer remarked that customer and attendant were not six feet apart as they worked on an unemployment application together. Customer briefly entered into six foot radius of the attendant to deposit his credit card, then promptly hopped out.

Customer said that the problem in this country was that people lived too long. Customer couldn’t recall who was the wide receiver on the other side with Art Monk (Gary Clark?) Customer was wished a happy Easter but he wouldn’t be celebrating until next week.

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