“Directions scene” / Late Spring [6]

refers to a scene in Chapter 6 of the criterion collection edition.

Onodera asks, Is the sea on this side? and points across his body to his right. Shukichi says no, it’s on that side, nodding to his own right. And the shrine is that way, right? says Onodera, pointing sort of up and to his left. No, says Shukichi, and he points with his right arm ahead of him and to his left. Where’s Tokyo, says Onodera. Shukichi points with his right arm to his right, a bit behind him. So East is that direction, says Onodera pointing straight ahead. No that direction, says Shukichi, pointing with his right arm, ahead and to his right.

A difficulty I’m having with this is that looking at a map of Kamakura and environs [map] it seems as if Tokyo and the ocean should be on basically opposite sides, north and south, while Shukichi wants to have them on the same side and to the south (I don’t know whether I’m confused, which is likely, or if there is some other intention at work.) Perhaps interesting as well, this scene occurs between Noriko and Shukichi’s trip to Tokyo on the one hand and Noriko and Hattori’s trip to the seaside on the other (– incidentally, our first image of the sea, which is also the movie’s concluding image.)


(n.b. It doesn’t quite makes sense to say “orientation according to Onedera” in this chart, as probably Onodera’s sense of orientation changes with each new piece of information he gets from Shukichi as to the true location of things. Nevertheless, the above does indicate his expressed guesses about where things are –guesses which might be better than Shukichi’s.)

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