Wax / gnat-like torments

Although beneath mentioning, I was surprised not to see footnoted this apparent factual error in the blue octavo notebooks (kaiser/ Wilkins translation, pp.19):

“In order to be safe from the Sirens, Odysseus stopped his ears with wax and had himself chained to the mast.”

The siren adventure of the Odyssey is at book 12, lines 153-200 –Odysseus was tied to the mast, but it was his companions’ ears that were plugged.

It’s an error similar in kind to the one in America with the Statue of Liberty wielding a sword but.. on the subject of this being beneath mentioning, this humorous Pierre passage is offered:

As every evening, after his day’s writing was done, the proofs of the beginning of his work came home for correction, Isabel would read them to him. They were replete with errors; but preoccupied by the thronging, and undiluted, pure imaginings of things, he became impatient of such minute, gnat-like torments; he randomly corrected the worst, and let the rest go; jeering with himself at the rich harvest thus furnished to the entomological critics.

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