James 1:17:

πασα δοσις αγαθη και παν δωρημα τελειον ανωθεν εστιν καταβαινον απο του πατρος των φωτων, παρ’ ω ουκ ενι παραλλαγη η τροπης αποσκιασμα

παραλλαγη -ης, variation, change.τροπη -ης, change, turning, variation. αποσκιασμα -ατος, shadow, darkness

KJV: “Euery good gift, and euery perfect gift is from aboue, and commeth downe from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

[?] all good giving and every perfect gift has descended from above from the father of lights, from whom there is no change, nor any hint of a change.

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