to have and have not — specific dollar amounts mentioned

A list drawn up while making notes on the theme of money in ‘To Have and Have Not‘…
Cost to leave port of Fort-de-France … 5 francs

Cost of gas for Morgan’s boat … 28 cents/ gallon

Morgan’s guess as to cost of gassing up his boat (40 gallons) … $11.20

Money Johnson gives Morgan for gas (tells Morgan to put the change against what he owes)… $15

Wage of Horatio (works baiting hooks on Morgan’s boat)… $1/ day

What Morgan charges Johnson for his fishing excursions: $35/ day

Cost of the rod and reel Johnson loses… $275

According to Morgan, what Johnson owes Morgan for 16 days on the boat … $560

What Morgan charges Johnson for the loss of the tackle and the 16 days (rounding down for what Johnson’s already paid)… $825

Found in Johnson’s Wallet… $60 cash, $1400 in American traveler’s checks, and a plane ticket

What French resistance will pay Morgan for his services… 2500 franks

What Morgan says 2500 franks equals in U.S. dollars… $50

(Morgan later buys a plane ticket with the amount he’s given by the resistance as a fee)

The money that’s “just enough to be able to say no if I want to” (Slim’s traveling money)… $30

Morgan’s bill at the hotel … 6,356 Francs

(Assuming the exchange rate used previously of 50:1 is correct, in dollars his hotel bill amounts to $127.12)

Renard’s attempt to pay off Morgan … $500

Renard’s final offer … $825 Johnson owed Morgan + $500 + Morgan’s impounded money.

Amount named in Cricket’s “Hong Kong Blues” (*) … $50 (“I need someone to lend me a fifty dollar bill and then/ I’ll leave Honk Kong far behind me for happiness once again.”)

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