The driving instructor tells Borat he “must not hit the children”; tells Borat he can’t drink when he’s driving because “it’s against the law”; and that he can’t yell out the windows because then they will throw them “both in jail.” He likes Borat, he says, because he’s a nice young man. “Yes,” he tells Borat, “you are my friend.”

The large young black man laughs when he’s compared to Michael Jackson. The older Jewish lady is inexpressibly kindly when she offers Borat food (Borat is terrified by Jews. “Why,” he says, “do you have picture of Jew?”) The driving instructor tells Borat that women have sex with those whom they choose to; it’s called “consent”. “That’s bad for me,” says Borat.

What does Borat learn about love? That there must be forgiveness for those we love (the scene at the church); that our ideas about what love should be fall short of the thing itself (his disappointed love in the celebrity Pamela Anderson); that people should be equal partners in love. In general, he encounters bigotry and resistance to love on his trip.

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