Pindar, Pythian 3.107-109

Pindar, Pythian 3.107-109:

σμικρὸς ἐν σμικροῖς, μέγας ἐν μεγάλοις
ἔσσομαι: τὸν ἀμφέποντ᾽ αἰεὶ φρασὶν
δαίμον᾽ ἀσκήσω κατ᾽ ἐμὰν θεραπεύων μαχανάν.


[θεραπεύων a nominative masc. participle agreeing with subject ἀσκήσω]


Svarlien: “I will be small when my fortunes are small, great when they are great. I will honor in my mind the fortune that attends me from day to day, tending it to the best of my ability.”

William H. Race (Loeb): “I shall be small in small times, great in great ones;/ I shall honor with my mind whatever fortune attends me,/ by serving it with the means at my disposal.”

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