I am now still attempting to slide my thumb down the ridges of pages (if I slide too far I get to the T’s; if I get to the T’s I might have to involve my second hand to get back to the S’s, if I have to involve my second hand in order to get to the S’s I might lose my place in the front part of the book where the phrase is that I’m now looking up) (the fingers of my second or left hand are in three places: on the outside of the cover; on the page where the exercise is with the phrase I’m now looking up; and on the left of the pages I’ve now opened the book to) but I’m not achieving anything, the page of the R’s has not yet budged.

This is not because the page has stuck but because I haven’t yet applied enough force or dug my thumb down the line of the ridge: intellectually I have yet to accept the risk of finding myself in the T’s, or worse than the T’s, even farther from the R’s. I’m staring intently at my thumb on the right side of the book and much feels like it’s happening although nothing is moving.

This isn’t exactly how this happened, but it doesn’t matter, because none of this matters, and eventually the page turns in a desirable manner.

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