Level, Equal, Aqua, Water

Equal” (having happened on the latin word for ‘level’ aequus wondered if that had come from the latin word for water “aqua“: and consequently had the question of: if our original idea of equality, or if our predisposition to equality as an idea, might have arisen from the sense that equality was, in its essence, somewhat water-like.)

Now of course that is pretty thin etymological suggestiveness I’m appealing to, and I’m sure it’s not the actual case, or even a little related to what must probably be the actual case, but it had me wondering again if it was at least true that water suggested equality more than the other three of the four basic elements of the classical world, air, earth, water, fire; — and I thought that it did, — because water alone among those elements really suggested the trait of levelness, water alone was really capable of that quality of being level, while to be level and equal seemed about the same.) “Level” “Even

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