Dream with Sienna Chicken

Dream. I’m in a helicopter with my father: he on the left, piloting, I on the right, concerned that he is not fully appreciating the height of the trees we approach. He thinks I’m worrying too much but, when we near them, he is forced to pull back hard on the throttle. This happens more than once.

Then we are flying over a plain full of jungle cats, mainly lions and lionesses. I’m holding from out of the helicopter a “Sienna Chicken” on a long string, and the cats are chasing after it, and finally I let them have it, releasing the string.

Then I’m on the ground. I believe it to be safe on the ground now, because I’ve already given the cats the sandwich, yet I notice one leopard has nevertheless continued to follow me. It may be that he doesn’t know I’ve already let go of the “Sienna Chicken”, or it may be that he does know and that he is actually interested in me.

A little behind me I notice a sort of trash can I could leap onto, the only possibility for defense, at which point I wake.

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