Shelley Duvall, Shelley Long

In conversation I’d called Shelley Duvall Shelly Long. Shelley Long was in Cheers I was told, are you sure you don’t mean Shelly Duvalle.

I’d gotten mixed up, I confessed. Then the person I’d spoken to said, “I thought MASH was a little bit mean-spirited, I have to admit. I really just don’t like bullies,” my friend then said. I said, “I agree with you.” I said, “I think you’re right” (I too thought MASH, the movie, might have been a little bit mean-spirited.) But which Altman do you like, I said. Gossford Park. Uh huh, I nodded, affirming.

I was thinking that, though I liked that one too, it probably wasn’t the best of Altman. I thought the one they said was the best was probably Nashville (but did they say that one was the best or another?), and I thought “California Split… Three Women” and I kind of wanted to see California Split again but I thought Three Women, which I didn’t want to see again, might be better put together. I’d like to see that one again also, I then said, speaking of Gossford Park.


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