How do we win at Centipede when we’re Frogger?

Videogame idea: combining several video games “worlds” into one protean everchanging game. Mario Brother plus Missile Command plus Asteroid. SuperMario climbs up one of the missile attacks, as if it were rope, begins tumbling in space, fits into the Asteroids space ship then comes out, knocks his head against the asteroids, gradually turns into a ball, then we’re in Pong, then the Pong ball is a missile attack with a Mario face trying to hit one of the cities… trying to “win” at a game which never remains the same. Now we’re in Frogger but which way do we go when approaching us from the other side of the highway is this terrible centipede whom the cars cause to change direction? (How do we win at Centipede when we’re Frogger? How do we win at Galaga when we’re Mario?)

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