The idea of calling the human race Gender. The idea that the human race is comprised of just one gender. The question of, if that’s a sort of gender neutral way of saying that we’re all ‘brothers and sisters’? The question of, if humans were indeed understood to be of one gender, what would be the fate of sexual attraction. The idea I was walking around yesterday, in the unnatural warmth, and periodically a cool breeze would hit one like an intimation of how the weather had once been, pockets of the past floating about, the old nature, the old winter, with its old scents. (We are often stuck in the Sargasso Sea of the new nature, it will seem.)

Meanwhile, frantic activity in the afternoon of the suburban neighborhood, hammers, leafblowers, ladders, saws, trucks, the ripped out interiors of perfectly liveable, perfectly nice dwellings on the curbsides, as if a recently destroyed area were being rebuilt, as if the war, the category 5 hurricane, had only recently been declared over. However, this was an area perfectly intact; indeed, an impartial observer might see very little need for any construction or maintenance at all at this time.

… The idea that Climate Change is not a “Man against Nature” issue but a person against person issue — (an “income inequality” issue.)

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