Knowing all nouns

It has been some while since I’ve read A Wizard of Earth Sea but I now find myself drawn to the idea that knowing the real names of things would be an extremely great gift and power to have. I think this on learning what talus is (with respect to land formations) and Bias (with respect to textiles). What if our study of vocabulary included many more concrete nouns than it now does? What if the aim of our study of vocabulary was not to understand the words that are used in our reading materials but to be able to identify properly the things we use and are surrounded by? What if at, say the middle school level, we were made to know the name of every type of clothing and every common flower and every type of architectural joint, not as a matter of fashion or of botany or engineering, but simply to have a sort of handle (or a handle of any sort) on the things that we exist among, — to have that magic power?

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